Types of Window Tints

Window tint is thin layer tint film which is applied inside or outside of your car windows. There are so many people out there who customize their vehicle with so many parts and modification but a layer of tint gives a whole new vibe to your vehicle. 

Check this site for detailed information about 3m tinting price in Dubai. There are five (5) types of tints currently exist in the markets.

First one is, Dyed tint this tint is not that expensive there are available almost everywhere. Mostly customers use this as appearance purpose only. Because they give that dark vibrant look to your car it consists of 2 (two) layers, first is the coat that sticks to your window but the other one is the top coat which is made of polyester and this top coat resist against direct sunlight, UV rays, UV exposure etc. They are good for outlook and appeal.

Second one is, Metalized window tint this tint is durable and thick-layered. This window tint is used for resistance from direct sunlight, glass shattering and they fight against scratches too. They also put the dark glass effect on windows. They interfere in your car radio and other electronic devices due to its metalized material. And they are expensive than dyed window tints.

Third one is, Hybrid window tint these tints are a mixture of dyed and metalized window tints. This tints contains both tints qualities they prevent against scratches they doesn’t interfere in electronic devices they are more durable and less expensive than metalized window tints.

Fourth one is, Carbon window tint they give your ride a darker and sleek vibe. They are best for those who are possessive about their upholstery and interior. For those who doesn’t want their interior to be faded they should go for this tint. It contains many layers of polymer and carbon block.

Five one is, Ceramic window tint this is the most and advanced kind of tint nowadays its contain all the attributes from the top four,, it is expensive and doesn’t interfere in any of your electronic devices. It’s not reflective plus it resists against every kind of UV exposure which fades your upholstery or interior. This window tint has more optical clarity for everyone inside. It prevents from scratches and has more durability. Ceramic window tint has the most advanced technology this tint absorbs two times more heat than any other window tint.

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