Myths about exam preparations

Preparing for exams have never been an easy task and no matter what you do, there is always going to be that one out of syllabus confusing question which you wouldn’t know how to answer. There are many misleading facts about exam preparations which we will debunk today so you can score the highest in ACCA in Abu Dhabi.

  • The more preparation material the better it is

If you think that pilling your study desk with books and mock exams will make you score good, then you might be shocked to learn that this is not how it goes. You will instead be pressured to read and go through all that material just to find out that there is nothing different in them. They all say the same thing in different words. Find a good source of knowledge and learn thoroughly from it.

  • Pass rates are accurate

Whenever you buy some exam material, you would always see an ad where they talk about how accurate their exam papers are and how good the passing percentage of people who opt for them is. Unfortunately, this is just a deceiving lie as there is no accurate way of finding out how many students actually learnt from the specified source and cleared the exam. Don’t pay a lot of attention to them but instead focus on the content in it.

  • You can’t study without classes

This is true for a lot of people as since childhood, they have been used to a traditional style classroom and a teacher but this doesn’t apply to a vast majority of students. Most of the CMA certification students clear the exam without learning in a class but through the course material and stuff. So don’t bound yourself to traditional learning but instead also try to give other options a chance as well.

  • There’s an easier way to clear exams

If someone tells you that they have a shortcut to acing the exam, or they can tell you a trick which will help you clear an exam without any efforts, do not believe them. There are no shortcuts to winning it because no matter how many shortcuts you apply but don’t work hard for the achievement of results, then it’s useless. Stay focus and stay put towards your goal.

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