Facts About Fashion

Fashion has become an important part of clothing and most of us are fond of following the new fashion trends. These trends come and go like the wind but some stay for quite a long while and just like everything else in this world that has facts, fashion has some facts of its own. And these facts are not boring rather they are pretty interesting and you can call them fun facts as well. Learn more about plus size fashion in Dubai.

  1. Jeans and pants are very important and they bring the style out of a person. There are some very famous brands of jeans like Levi’s but there are some crazy fans of jeans and craziest are the Americans. Almost 70 percent of the Americans have 7 jeans, one for each day of the week. Either call them fans or lazy but the love is there.
  2. Shorts are the best options in the summers and it feels light to walk with your half bear legs and the shorts are comfortable as well. Men and women both wear shorts but did you know that women did not always allowed to wear shorts? Yes, this is true women were allowed to wear shorts after the World War II when there was shortage of fabric and clothes and women were allowed to wear shorts then and till now.
  3. Just like shorts, T-shirts are also very comfy piece of cloth to wear. And this the most common sold commodity in the world clothes because T-shirts are sold at least 2 billion each year in a single country.
  4. Colors of the clothes are unlimited and we can wear whatever color we want but did you know that the purple color couldn’t been worn by civilians in the 70s? You must be wondering why on Earth, well this is because this color was worn by judges, magistrates, rulers and emperors of Rome, Italy but the times changed.
  5. We think that big countries like USA and UK made the name in fashion because of the fashion magazine but the fact is that the very first fashion magazine was launched by Germany in 1586 and the trend passed on to different countries.
  6. Now we have beaches where we can were nothing and walk freely but in 1907, a woman was arrested because she was wearing only one piece of cloth on her body while she was on a beach.

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