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All about the Expo 2020

All about the Expo 2020

The world is based on economy. The events which give you that money or boost economy are Olympics, FIFA and EXPO. Olympics will be held in Tokyo, FIFA in Qatar and Expo in Dubai. The first two are related to sport but Expo is completely related to economy and business in which different countries’ businessmen and entrepreneurs take part to exhibit their talents and ideas. The event has participation from all over the world. That’s the reason why every country is like “Oh Dubai is going to get rich in 2020 enough to live luxuriously for a decade after it.”

Yes, the capitalists are right. It will boost their economy a lot but they have to work for it. It will connect them to all idea-makers, computer geeks, world-class capitalists and industrialists, booming businesses and entrepreneurs which will benefit the city of Arabs and Arabian that value smartness that will impact the business side and every side of Arab world as well. It will raise UAE in technology as computer is everywhere. Moreover, it will result in more and more investment from the side of capitalists and industrialists in Dubai which will increase its chances to remain stable and rich economically for another decade.

Besides influencing investment world and computer world of Dubai, it will influence the tourism and hoteling industry of Dubai because guests will stay in hotel. That’s the reason why Dubai has been preparing for it for two years. The government has been working with private sectors to make their visit AMAZING in October 2020. The city has kept $.7 bn for investing in this event. The attention has been given to make hotels near the place of event so that visitors and guests could enjoy and travel easily. And it can be said, as well, that government might plan to take them for tour to whole United Arab Emirates to please them or to make their visit memorable.

Right now beside Dubai, every analysts is busy in calculating how much Dubai will earn. According to Jones Day analysts, EXPO 2020 will result in $23 bn which is equal to net gross of Dubai from 2015to 2021. UAE, on the other hand, has opinion that $17.7 bn will be earned from it. Besides, there is a prediction that the country can attract investments of $150 bn.

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