Weight loss is a big topic in today’s society. There is much debate on what works and what does not work. The focus seems to always be on either what you eat (or don’t eat) and what workout you do (or don’t do). Little attention is paid to the mental state of a person attempting to lose weight. In many aspects the level of a persons success in losing weight depends on the strength of their mental game. You might have the right food in your refrigerator and a pass to the gym, but are you mentally ready to lose weight?

The most effective weight loss is seen when people change everything. Mentally, it is not easy to change everything. You have to first accept that you are doing things wrong to make a change. Lots of people like to be right and hardly no one likes to be wrong. Effectively losing weight calls for you to look at your whole life and accept everything that is wrong and make changes. Accepting that you are doing one thing wrong is hard enough, but often you will recognize several things you are doing wrong. That much change can easily discourage you if you are not prepared.

When you finally decide to change things it is important to be patient. Once you set your mind to losing weight you have to keep it there for as long as possible. Healthy weight loss goals are not immediate. Even though it seems obvious, losing weight is not permanent and set backs are a normal part of progress. It can be quite discouraging when you see progress slowing down or reversing. Discouragement is a part of the process and it is important to stay mentally determined to push past discouragement. You have to decide giving up is not an option no matter how bleak your weight or size goals become.

It is agreed that shedding pounds is not easy. It requires a lot of change and patience. Doing it for the wrong reasons will do little to prepare your mind for the hard journey ahead. Lose weight because it is a healthy choice. Lose it for yourself and no one else.  If you are losing weight to make someone else happy with your image chances are you lack the mental health to get the job done. Weight loss is not easy, but virtually anyone can do it if they believe they can, if their head is in the game.