There are plenty of ways to lose weight these days. There are pills, diets, and even surgeries. They might all work for a little bit but how healthy is this weight loss? How risky is it to your immediate health or long term health to lose any considerable amount of weight in these ways? The healthiest weight loss involves at least a little bit of physical activity.

Many people immediately minimize caloric intake for effective weight loss. Physical activity can make this easier to do. Dieting is not easy and saying no to food when your hungry is a bummer. Increasing physical activity burns those calories that you normally have to cut out using diet alone. Accelerate the rate you lose weight by combining exercise with a reduced calorie diet. This of course is common sense yet those who hate to diet tend to forget that you don’t have to diet as much if you work out more. Rigorous cardiovascular workouts are just as effective as diet for losing weight.

A rigorous workout, however, is not the only way to shed those pounds. It is important to note that the longest lasting and healthiest weight loss comes from people that choose to be active in all aspects of life. It is not only the gym rat or the marathon runner that loses weight. It is possible to make active choices throughout your day that can be as effective as a rigorous 20 minutes of activity. Stand at your desk as much as possible it will burn more calories. Take stairs  and eliminate the use of elevators and escalators. When you park your car look for a parking place that will force you to walk a couple of minutes and then power walk the distance. Ride your bike to your neighbors house for a visit instead of driving. All these small efforts will add up quickly.

For some physical activity is no small effort, but it is one of the safer, more effective, and long lasting forms of weight loss. It is important to keep weight at healthy levels, but not at any cost. Fad diets, pills, and surgeries have all claimed victims in the name of losing weight. It ceases to be a healthy endeavor if it kills you or causes another health issue in the process. Effective and healthy weight loss, no matter what, takes energy so you might as well work out.